Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Quick & Easy Chick

This was the first craft that I came up with. All I did is used an empty toilet paper roll, craft foam, construction paper, yellow pom pom, glue and wiggly eyes. First, I took the roll and sized it on a piece of yellow construction paper, used a pencil to mark top bottom and width. Then cut it out. Should look like a square after it's cut. I rolled that yellow construction paper around the toilet paper roll then stapled it. You can use glue and put rubber bands around to make sure it stays in place until dry. (I did staple b/c I wanted to see quickly how it was going to look). Craft orange foam was used to make the feet and nose. Use the paper roll to use as a guide for the bottom, stop at half way point to start drawing the feet. I hand sketched on the foam a heart shape to show the feet. Did the same thing for the other foot. You should come out with the complete coverage of the roll and two heart shape feet on one piece of foam. Cut between the two hearts to make a separated look between the two hearts. Glue to the bottom of the roll and let dry. For the wings, I used yellow construction paper folded in two, drew a wide half perantathes w/three small loops. You should have cut out two of them. Take the flat side of the wings and glue them diagonally so the wings come forward. Use the roll to cover the top w/yellow construction paper, glue on, add a large yellow pom pom ( several small ones if you don't have large) glue them on and let dry. Apply the wiggly eyes w/glue or make with black marker, cut a triangle out of the orange craft foam for the nose and glue on. You are done.....

Tip: You don't have to wait for everything to dry to continue to make this. This is really quick and easy. The best part of this craft is that you can create all the accessories with the remaining paper and foam. So no waste and minimal materials. Hope you all enjoy!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Looking for feedback on my Easter Crafts

Hi Everyone! This is my first blog and I'd like to get some feedback on the Easter Crafts I created this year. I did these with no instructions and made up as I went along. I looked at some pictures to see how I could make it different and less expensive. So, here they are:
Easter Wreath

I used my kids name as well as my nephews for the Easter Eggs and I made male and female bunnies to complete the wreath. The cutouts were traced with cookie cutters and cut out on construction paper. The bunnies are cutout with white card stock.
Egg Tree Ornament

Front Side
I was trying to figure out how I can make an egg that we can hang on a tree to start a new tradition in our family. My idea was to create a tree and have the whole family make these eggs before or after lunch together. Each child would create with their own imagination an egg and we'd put their name and the date, so each year, we can add to our tree and see how the kids improve over the years. I had no luck finding styrofoam eggs, so I found a steel thick cookie cutter from Wilson and it's awesome. I took a rectangle piece of styrofoam and used the cookie cutter to create the egg shape. Used it again on construction paper to cut out the front and back. Decorated it with stickers and used wire ribbon around the sides to cover the styrofoam. Straight pins to hold in place, made 2 loops to show a ribbon look and straight pin to secure. Add a white thinner ribbon to make the loop to hang on the tree.

Back Side

Paper Chain Bunnies and Paper Plate Bunny Face
I came across the paper chain people instructions on the cover of the construction paper tablet that I had. I asked myself if I could make a bunny out of it and I tried it. It worked! I just colored the faces, ears and belly with markers. That was it.

The bunny face was created with a paper plate and cutouts. I cut off the whole trim around the plate. Made the ears with the trim and pink construction paper. The bow tie is actually made with a dog bone cookie cutter traced on construction paper and cut. Used a different color to make the middle. Nose & eyes were used with construction paper. Mouth and teeth I used a black marker. Used a different paper plate, turned it over and glued on all the accessories. That's it.

I would love to hear your comments or questions. My sister-in-law has told me that I should put these out there on a blog, so I'm going to try it. I love reading other blogs and getting ideas. I'm so glad that I'm going to join the millions of other people doing it.

Thanks for visiting my blog and hope that I could inspire you to try them or create something of your own.